IBR Petroleum offers a broad suite of products, services and customized solutions, all engineered to existing client specifications which are widely recognized and used by leading operators across the world.

Exploration & Development

IBR Petroleum develops and operates the Malik Block in Azerga, Saudi Arabia. The facility is designed to process 10000 bopd and includes oil and gas separation vessels and storage tanks and the investment is 25 Million for the exploration.

IBR always puts oil & gas exploration and development high on its agenda in an innovative manner to stabilize and further its business development. We continued to strengthen the oil and gas exploration and development, has made extensive breakthroughs both at home and abroad, and maintained high production time efficiency of oil and gas well, so as to guarantee stable supply of oil and gas.

Drilling Services

IBR provides the most innovative and reliable drilling tools for conventional and unconventional drilling applications.


  • Supply of Equipment including Tools, Jars, Accelerators & Stabilizers
  • Servicing of Equipment including Tools, Jars, Accelerators & Stabilizers

Equipment and Resources

  • Drilling Shock Tools, Jars, Accelerators & Stabilizers
  • Drill Pipes of varying thread profiles

Drilling and Workover Rigs

IBR provides the most innovative and reliable drilling services for its conventional and unconventional drilling applications


  • Oil and Gas Well Drilling Operations
  • Oil and Gas Well Work Over Operations
  • Water Well Drilling Operations

Equipment and Resources

  • Oil Well Rigs
  • Workover & Water Well Rigs

Cementing Services

IBR cementing units provide field proven dependability and high job quality. Designed for a wide range of slurry densities and formulations, IBR cement pumping units and batch mixers provide flexibility and precision control to handle a variety of cementing services.

Equipment Specifications

Twin cement pumper, with dual diesel engines Allison transmissions and triplex pumps. Pumpers are equipped with 41/2 fluid ends and state of the art Automatic Density Control mixing system. Its basic operating principle is as follows: The cement flow rate is controlled and adjusted via automatically controlled valve by the computer. The slurry densitometer detects the actual density and feeds the measured value back to the computer.

Coiled Tubing

IBR provides a full range of coiled tubing services – from a simple sand wash to a high pressure well operation. We have achieved a number of records for depth, pressure, accuracy and has handled some of the most complex operations under the most demanding downhole conditions.

Equipment Specifications

IBR Coiled Tubing units are self-contained, can be easily transported to On-shore or Off-shore. All units can be used in prolific High Pressure and High Temperature deep wells, sour environment and are very effective in vertical / long horizontal / highly deviated wells.

Engineering, Design & Construction Services

Projects include desalters, dehydrators and various oil and gas separation process. IBR is now a fully Service Engineering, Process Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management expertise to the Oil and Gas sector.

Our projects include:

  • Well site preparation and decommissioning
  • Oil and Gas production facilities
  • Exploration and Production
  • Electro-mechanical installations
  • Electrical instrumentation and controls

Procurement and Logistics

We provide all equipment & supplies to refineries and petrochemical projects, which include:

  • Cementing Equipment, Mud/ Cement Products
  • Down Hole Pump, Wire Line Equipment
  • Piping, fittings, valve gate, safety valve, control valve generators from 50 to 2000 KVA as request.
  • Compressor
  • We supply all drilling materials
  • Mechanical Equipment, Instrument Equipment

We provide all equipment & supplies to refineries and petrochemical projects.


Well Testing Services

IBR offer professional expertise for client support in the design, supervision, and operation of well testing projects. We offer a full line of surface well testing equipment that safely ensures flow control during challenging well conditions operations such as well testing, well cleaning, frac flowback, mud flowback, underbalance drilling, and stimulation operations.

Slickline Services

IBR provides Slickline services includes the full suite of downhole tools and sizes to perform all standard and special project operations. We offer Dual Drum Assembly system. One drum will support a Slickline Drum Assembly capable of holding minimum 25,000 ft of 7/32’’ braided line. Second will accommodate a Slickline Drum Assembly capable of holding minimum 25,000 ft of 108’’ or 125’’ Slickline. All districts have full service and fit for purposed equipment and tools, depending on requirements for their region. The Slickline fleet includes skid equipment for offshore/inland water and truck units for onshore.

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